Phillips Energy

Phillips Energy constructs differentiated Oil & Gas mineral portfolios that provide significant commodity exposure while mitigating the traditional risk of the typical energy investment.

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Phillips Energy invest in oil and gas assets to create mineral portfolios tailored to the institutional investor. For more than 10 years, the highly experienced Investment team has executed successful mineral investment strategies with significant rates of return for its investors. Phillips Energy has developed proprietary technology to efficiently evaluate opportunities and to accurately manage the highly fractionated asset class, while utilizing its quantitative model to drive capital optimization and fund performance. The founder and management team of Phillips Energy partnered with EnCap Investments on four Private Equity Funds.

Our Experience

  • Evaluated over 10,000 opportunities in last 6 years
  • More than 1,200 distinct investments
  • Capital placement in excess of $50MM a year


10 years of

Partnerships with key public and private operators.
Relationships with brokers, owners and sellers.
Educating the market and building brand awareness among mineral owners

Proven Track Record

More than a decade of experience consolidating highly-fractionated mineral interests using proprietary data-driven technology, across the United States. True subject matter experts manage the processes and procedures required to support the complexities of an aggregation model.

Investment Strategy

Acquire income generating assets in areas that are statistically most likely to incur cost-free predictable growth.  The strategy is defined, disciplined and proven resilient during the cyclicality of commodity price cycles.