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Our History

In the early 1920’s, Sam Sklar and his wife, Ida, set sail from Russia immigrating to the United States in search of the American dream.

During the Great Depression in 1933, Mr. Sklar began a career in oil and gas by selling scrap material and pipe to oil operators in exchange for a small interest in wells. This initial venture was called Louisiana Iron & Supply Company. The ownership in these wells benefited from the East Texas oil boom, and Mr. Sklar’s scrap business evolved into an oil and gas company.

By 1955, both his son Albert Sklar and son-in-law Leonard Phillips joined him in the oil business. Since Shreveport and East Texas had become an oil hub, Albert and Leonard worked hard to build industry relationships while Mr. Sklar focused on the wells. In 1959, shortly after they joined in the family business, Mr. Sklar changed the name of Louisiana Iron & Supply Company to Sklar & Phillips, Inc.

After the death of Albert and Leonard, their sons Howard Sklar and Fred Phillips continued to operate together as Sklar and Phillips for several years. In 2000, Phillips Energy Inc. (PEI) was formed by Fred Phillips. PEI is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company. In addition to oil and gas exploration, there are also investments in royalties, pipelines, real estate, and multiple private equity deals.

In 2006, Fred Phillip’s son, Chris Phillips, began buying small royalties and soon recognized the opportunity to employ his skills. It offered him an exposure to energy, while limiting the risk. In 2007, Mr. Phillips formed Phillips Energy Partners (PEP) and has managed four funds with EnCap Investments in a $400MM partnership (PEPI, PEPII, PEPIII, and PEPIV).

From Left to Right: Albert Sklar, Miriam Sklar, Sam Sklar, Ida Sklar, Leonard Phillips, Betty Phillips

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Exclusively devoted to minerals since 2007.
True subject matter experts: mineral acquisitions, portfolio management, GAAP accounting, institutional reporting.
We don’t just buy minerals; we create enduring investment portfolios.

knows Minerals

Superior understanding of the asset class, recognizing its limitations and capabilities. Our strategy is specifically designed to exploit the unique attributes of the asset base, resulting in a differentiated risk profile to traditional energy investments while maintaining the underlying exposure to the commodity.

pioneers in the Space

First institutionally backed private equity mineral strategy. For ten years, we have worked together building the organization, defining the investment policies and establishing the processes we implement today.