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Phillips Energy - A Differentiated Energy Strategy

The primary investment objective of Phillips Energy is to achieve attractive returns with lower risk than typically associated with oil and gas investments.  The strategy leverages the acquisition expertise of the Investment Team, coupled with their disciplined portfolio allocation model, to deliver income and organic growth through proven strategic mineral portfolio allocation. The strategy employed is to grow reserves, production, and cash generated from acquisitions and operations over the long-term, while delivering stable and predictable income to investors in the short term.

As pioneers in the space, the Investment Team has more than 10 years of experience, across 4 distinct Private Equity funds, executing their strategy and creating durable mineral portfolios proven to generate repeatable and predictable results. Proprietary systems, developed over a decade, enable the Team to accumulate and process data derived from thousands of deal submittals to identify opportunities and capture the assets with the highest probability of generating the desired outcome. In a sector where industry has been relatively slow to embrace emerging technology, management has adopted cutting edge Business Intelligence tools to specifically target the areas most likely to incur growth. The Investment Team relies on their quantitative modeling for portfolio allocation to drive capital optimization across basins, commodity mix and geologic zones. Management incorporates data mining techniques and algorithms to provide unique insight into energy sector activity, thereby directing capital allocation. Management also has unparalleled experience in financial reporting and analysis, having managed revenue from over 9,000 wells across the US.  It also has established mineral specific guidelines for reporting and has implemented policies and procedures to ensure reporting integrity.

Value of Phillips Energy’s Experience


proven and distinctive investment strategy

Managed four mineral funds in partnership with Encap Investments

Long history of providing commodity exposure without environmental or operational liability

10+ years of strategic relationships with operators, brokers and sellers


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