Eagle Ford Shale

With roots that date back four generations in the oil and gas industry, Phillips Energy has a long history of helping mineral owners achieve their financial goals by converting their minerals, royalties and interests in burgeoning shale plays, like the Eagle Ford, into a competitive cash settlement.

Eagle Ford’s Resource Potential

The hydrocarbon-rich Eagle Ford shale play is located directly beneath the Austin Chalk formation, and underlies 11 million acres from East Texas down to the Mexico border.

Compared to other shale plays, the Eagle Ford contains a much higher carbonate percentage, making it more brittle, highly fracable and lending to significantly higher oil and gas production. Although the full extent of the Eagle Ford’s production is still unknown, it possesses tremendous potential. Once the economic viability of this resource play became apparent, we were quick to seek acquisition opportunities and began actively buying mineral rights. In the last few years, we have purchased over $50 million worth of mineral rights in the Eagle Ford. By capitalizing on unique relationships with the operators and industry executives, we stay abreast of developments in this play. As a result, we are able to accurately evaluate the future potential of Eagle Ford minerals and offer extremely competitive prices.