Bakken Shale Information

Here is a breakdown of the Bakken Play

Those who own minerals in the Bakken area will likely receive revenue from oil and gas royalties over time, because they will earn a percentage of the value of all oil and gas as it is extracted from their minerals. Phillips Energy Partners offers mineral owners the opportunity to receive that revenue up front by selling their mineral rights rather than waiting for operators to produce from the formation.

Bakken Shale Map

The Bakken Boom

Straddling 200,000 miles along the U.S-Canada border in the Williston Basin is the Bakken shale—one of the most promising domestic shale play discoveries to date—which underlies a significant portion of North Dakota, as well as Montana and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Although oil was first discovered in the subsurface Bakken formation in 1951, it’s not until recently that exploitation became commercially viable due to recent high oil prices and advancements in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology necessary to penetrate the shale.

Since making our first significant Bakken acquisition in 2009, we have purchased over 23,000 acres in the Williston Basin. Based on current activity levels, we are focused on buying high-grade minerals in Burke, McKenzie, Montrail and Williams counties, but are also continuing to pursue opportunities in Montana and other North Dakota areas to purchase mineral rights. By actively monitoring the evolution of this developing play, we are able to accurately evaluate the future potential of Bakken assets and offer full value for the sale of mineral rights in the region.

Selling Your Bakken Shale Mineral Rights

Now is the time to take advantage of the hottest North American plays. Phillips Energy Partners is interested in purchasing Bakken mineral rights, as well as any overrides, in this burgeoning area.

If you are interested in selling your mineral rights in the Bakken Shale, Phillips Energy Partners is interested in buying mineral rights. Request a free offer.