Helpful Resources For Mineral Rights Owner

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If you are a mineral rights owner in Texas or throughout the nation, and have questions about the potential of your ownership concerning the oil booms happening throughout the country, we first encourage you to contact Phillips Energy Partners for consulting and a free property evaluation. However, if you’d like to conduct preliminary research on your own to gain your bearings, consult the following online resources for answers to some of your questions. These online resources for mineral rights owners may provide insight on valuation, taxes, relevant laws, and other miscellaneous information to help you capitalize on the assets you possess. If you cannot find answers to your queries, consider speaking with an expert in the oil and gas industry who can provide you with guidance and assistance such as our talented and knowledgeable team here at Phillips Energy Partners.

Online Resources for Mineral Rights Owners

Mineral Rights Forum and Associations

Mineral Rights Legal Information

Mineral Rights Tax Information

Mineral Rights Valuation and Sales

  • S. Mineral Exchange – helps mineral rights owners understand the potential worth of their rights.
  • Lands of Texas – database of mineral rights currently for sale throughout the state of Texas.

Miscellaneous Information

  • S. Geological Survey – provides online spatial data regarding mineral resources.
  • com – includes an overview of mineral rights and other information.
  • Michigan State University – short publication that provides a general overview of some information regarding mineral rights.

Do You Still Have Questions After Researching These Online Resources for Mineral Rights Owners?

There is a myriad of questions that may not have answers readily present on the aforementioned websites. If you still have questions or concerns about your mineral rights that you did not find in this list of online resources for mineral rights owners such as oil exploration, or the oil and gas industry in general, we invite you to speak with a professional at Phillips Energy Partners. We are ready to assist you in any way possible.